Corrective Concealers


• Works by using opposing colours to counteract specific flaws and even out skin tone
• Contains proprietary SenePlex® anti-aging ingredients and the same advanced colour technology as MakeSense® Foundations

Green – Helps get the red out and blur a multitude of imperfections with this creamy, blendable answer to skin woes. Used to help tone down flushed skin, disguise broken capillaries or mask changes in pigmentation

Natural – Hides imperfections and watch fine lines and flaws simply disappear with this creamy, formula that is easy to blend. Used to help minimize deep shadows or skin discoloration

White – Made of pure, creamy white colour pigment that can be used to lighten any shade of creamy SenseCosmetics® products or under MakeSense®Foundation as a highlighter. Used to mix or highlight to achieve your perfect shade

Green Concealer with SenePlex - Gets the Red OutGreen Concealer with SenePlex - Gets the Red OutNatural Concealer with SenePlex - Hides ImperfectionsNatural Concealer with SenePlex - Hides ImperfectionsWhite Highlighter/Concealer with SenePlexWhite Highlighter/Concealer with SenePlex
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